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Teaching & Learning Support

2016-17 Teaching and Learning Support Team Focus 

Create and sustain learning focused instructional leadership teams

Implement and sustain multi-tiered systems of support

Prepare all Students for college and career by implementing rigorous, aligned K-12 curriculum and educational systems

Focus on high quality instruction in resulting in high levels of learning of learning for every student


Collaborative Teams Working to Make a Difference for Our Students

Teacher Leaders-Consider the Oregon TSPC Teacher Leader License

K-8 Science Team

JCMS- Lenida Bilanovik,  

WSK8- Kathy Blizard

Buff Elem- Davinie Fiero

Madras Elem- Melinda Grote, Katie Boyle

Metolius Elem- Susan Grasser

Team Facilitator- Steve Cox

Elementary Math Leadership Team

Metolius- Carrie Dunten, Katie Knobel

Madras Elem- Sara Hertel, Steele Bailey

Buff Elem- Meghan Van Cleave, Kandia Cross

WSK8- Sarah Bennett, Esther Kalama

Team Facilitator- Sue Taylor

JCSD Collaborative Planning Grant Team


District Mulit-Tiered Systems of Support Team (RTIi/PBIS)

JCMS- Peter Hower,

WSK8- Lonnie Usrey, Charlene Loughlin

Bridges-Jess Swagger

Buff Elem- Joslyn Walker, Matt Reese, Denise Garcia

Madras Elem- Kim Waite, Kristy Dickson, Megan Vibbert

Metolius Elem- Annette Montee

Team Facilitator- Lonnie Henderson

SecondarySocial Studies Team

JCMS- Lindsay Painter, Maria Crowley, Jeff Neal

WSK8- Ryan Young

MHS-​ Allen Hair, Mike Risso, Adrienne Fullmer, Cameron Mitchem

Bridges-Jess Swagger

Team Facilitator- Melinda Boyle

Social Emotional Support Team

JCMS- Peter Hower

WSK8- Jessica Dotson, Seth Burke

MHS- Julie Nisley, Stacy Bruce

Bridges- Jess Swagger

Buff Elem- Tracy Sklenar

Madras Elem- Diane Hower

Metolius Elem- Loretta Arthur

Team Facilitator- Rosalyn Jaeger

National Equity Project District Trainers

WSK8- Taralee Suppah, Roshelle Weiser-Nieto

MHS- Eric Carman

Madras Elem- Karen Adams

Buff Elem- Denise Garcia

Team Facilitators- Denise Garcia

Talented and Gifted Support Team

MHS- Allen Hair

WSK8- Rosa Gastiaburu

Madras Elem- Stephanie Howery

Metolius Elem- Carrie Dunten

District- Lisa Stroup

Team Facilitator- Michele Crook

English Language Development Team

JCMS- Deseray Duncan

WSK8- Steve Fisher, Natalia Apalategui 

MHS and Bridges- Lanelle Landaros

Buff Elem- Denise Garcia

Madras Elem- Karen Adams

Metolius Elem- Cindy Wunsch

Team Facilitators- Denise Garcia

Title I Reading Support Team

JCMS- Erika Gurley

WSK8- Jess Noonan

Buff Elem- Joslyn Walker

Madras Elem- Kristy Dickson

Metolius Elem- Annette Montee

Team Facilitator- Lonnie Henderson

AVID Team (Achievement Via Individual Determination)

JCMS- Deseray Duncan

WSK8- Diane Dominiak

MHS- Tammie Schongalla and Al Hulbert

Team Facilitators-Melinda Boyle,

Elementary Math and ELA Unit Planning Teams

Buff-Melissa Carrion (M), Davinie Fiero (M), Hayley Proctor (M), Erika Skaar (ELA), Kandia Cross (ELA), Meghan VanCleave (ELA)

WSK8-Mark Hubler (M), Sarah Bennett (M), Kevin Rodin (M), Laci Nelle (ELA), Renee Rodin (ELA)

Madras-Dan Stroup (M), Steele Bailey (M), Glory McDonald (M), Katie Boyle (ELA), Krista Hayes (ELA), Amy Kestek (ELA)

Metolius-Katie Knobel (M), Susan Grasser (ELA), Ronica Comingore (ELA), Taylor Adair (ELA)

Elementary Writing/ELD Unit Planning Teams

Buff-Matt Reese, Mary Pitcher, Davinie Fiero, 

WSK8-Jean Bendele, Steve Fisher, Natalia Apalategui, Gina Bluebird, Roshelle Nieto, 

Madras-Sara Hertel, Melinda Grote, Karen Adams

Metolius-Susan Grasser, Taylor Adair, Cindy Wunsch




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