Inclement Weather Notification Reminder:  As winter weather nears, please click on the link below to take another look at the district inclement weather policy


Sexual Harassment, Hazing, Harassment, and Cyberbullying

Sexual Harassment, Hazing , Harassment and Cyberbullying are strictly prohibited and shall not be tolerated.   District Policy and Procedures concerning Sexual Harassment are linked as follows: 

Sexual Harassment:  Policy JBA_GBN - Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedures:  Policy JBA_GBN -AR - Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedures

District Policy and Procedures concerning Hazing, Harassment, and Cyberbullying can be found at:

Hazing, Harassment, and Cyberbullying:  Policy JFCF - Hazing, Harassment, and Cyberbullying

Complaint Procedures:  Policy JFCF -AR - Complaint Procedures

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