How to Wear Masks

COVID-19 Safety Protocols & Plans

Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services Plan

Communicable Disease Management Plan

509J Safety Procedures for COVID-19

509J Isolation/Quarantine Procedures for COVID-19

ODE Ready Schools Safe Learners Resiliency Framework for 2021-2022 School Year

Big Muddy Operational Blueprint Plans

Changing Learning Selections

Is student currently in
In-Person Learning?

We choose to prepare for a return to In-Person Learning when available

NO ACTION IS REQUIRED!  If you would like your student to remain in in-person learning at the beginning of the next grading period, no action is required.

We'd like to change to 509J Online

If you would like to move your student to 509J Online at the beginning of the next grading period,  please contact your current school or 509J Online at 541 -475-8267.

Is student currently in 509J Online?

We choose to remain in 509J Online next term

 If you would like your student to remain in 509J Online Learning at the beginning of the next grading period, no action is required.

We'd like to change to In-Person Learning (when available)

If you would like to return to In-Person Learning at the beginning of next grading period, please contact 509J Online at 541-475-8267 or the school your child will attend when they start in-person learning.

Deadlines to change: 

Quarter 3: 3/4/22

Quarter 4: 5/6/22.

509J Online Learning

509J Online


Why choose 509J Online Learning instead of a charter school or other online school?

  • A flexible, fully online learning K-12 experience for 509J students.
  • Students guided by our very own Jefferson County on-line teachers
  • Students participate in online learning 5 days per week and enroll in a full load of courses.
  • Personalized support and tutoring will be available as needed
  • Students can accelerate their learning through the self-paced curriculum while taking advantage of our elective course catalog.
  • Our teachers are available for support throughout the day.
  • 509J Online is teacher-led, and instruction can be structured and differentiated to meet the needs of English learners.
  • Students are expected to engage and log in on a daily basis for attendance and make weekly progress based upon pacing guides for completion of courses.
  • They will graduate with their resident school peers and will have their resident school name on their diploma and transcript.
  • Students may remain in full-time online learning regardless of local and state metrics. There are opportunities to transition to on-site learning.


Questions about 509J Online Learning?
Please call 541.475.8267 and leave a message with your contact information and question, or email us at

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