Safely Returning to School, Fall 2020

Learning Options

OPTION 1:  COMPREHENSIVE DISTANCE LEARNING – moving to On-site Learning when metrics allow

Comprehensive distance learning (CDL) provides the opportunity for teachers, students, and classmates to remain connected and engaged with district content materials while working from a distance. Students are a part of their local school and will continue to engage with friends and classmates as part of the learning environment.

Expect a more comprehensive, cohesive, and robust online educational program focused on teachers consistently connecting with students and families than occurred last spring. Teachers will use live engagement tools such as Google Meets (K-12), as well as video and audio recorded lessons, to provide direct, teacher-supervised instruction. This will be a fully-developed distance learning model and will be designed for the teacher and students to navigate back to on-site learning when health metrics allow us to return to traditional classroom teaching and learning. This option is likely the best choice for families who plan to have their students return to in-person learning once metrics allow us to reopen our schools.

Our Improved Distance Learning Plan includes:

  • Regular and predictable schedules and routines for daily on-line learning activities
  • Instruction led entirely by our very own Jefferson County teachers
  • High quality direct instruction and ongoing support for students by teacher(s)
  • Daily synchronous learning for students (e.g. 2-way video instruction or phone calls with staff.)
  • Continue as part of your local school
  • Students interact with friends and classmates
  • Increased quantity of instruction and student work aligned to Oregon Standards
  • Improved engagement with classroom and group activities
  • Consistent and regular teacher feedback on academic work and academic grades
  • Regular group check-ins with a teacher for social and emotional connection
  • Support for technology usage for students and families
  • Clarity around attendance and participation
  • Counseling and mental health services
  • Family engagement and partnerships
  • Opportunity for small group on-site instruction.
  • Individual student devices and mobile hotspots where needed *
Grades K-5 Sample Daily Schedule

Grades 6-8 Sample Daily Schedule

Grades 9-12 Sample Daily Schedule

Return to School On-site Full-Time

When Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Department of Education guidelines allow, and Jefferson County School District 509J can ensure safety, students will return to daily, regular in-person learning.  In the event of another school closure, we will return to a Comprehensive Distance Learning Model.


Questions about Comprehensive Distance Learning and a return to school on-site?  Please call 541.475.7743 and leave a message with your contact information and question, or email us at

OPTION 2:  CASA Online Learning



Why choose JCSD 509J’s CASA Online Learning instead of a charter school or other online school?

  • A flexible, fully online learning K-12 experience for 509J students.
  • Students guided by our very own Jefferson County on-line teachers
  • Students participate in online learning 5 days per week and enroll in a full load of courses.
  • Personalized support and tutoring will be available as needed
  • Teachers will be using the following curriculum as a resource to help students meet state standards in grade level and content specific areas, while at the same time ensuring we are meeting graduation requirements. Specific curriculum is listed below with links to their websites.
  • Students can accelerate their learning through the self-paced curriculum while taking advantage of our elective course catalog.
  • Our teachers are available for support throughout the day.
  • CASA Learning is teacher-led, and instruction can be structured and differentiated to meet the needs of English learners.
  • Students are expected to engage and log in on a daily basis for attendance and make weekly progress based upon pacing guides for completion of courses.
  • Students in CASA Learning belong to their resident school. They will graduate with their resident school peers and will have their resident school name on their diploma and transcript.
  • Students may remain in full-time online learning regardless of local and state metrics. Every nine weeks there is an opportunity to transition to on-site learning.


Click on this assessment tool to determine if CASA Online Learning is a good fit for your student


Questions about CASA Online Learning?
Please call 541.475.8267 and leave a message with your contact information and question, or email us at


Operational Blueprint Plans

Big Muddy Operational  Blueprint Plans for School Reentry

Communicable Disease Plan