April 29, 2021
Graduation, June 5th
After a considerable amount of senior family input in combination with staff’s best efforts to gauge county Covid risk assessments, the Madras High School graduation is scheduled for Saturday, June 5th at 11:30 a.m. at the football stadium. The Bridges High School will be holding a separate ceremony that same day, June 5th, at the MHS football stadium at 9 a.m.

In order to ensure that the total number of people do not exceed the allowable capacity in the stadium during graduation, tickets will be issued to each graduate for both the MHS and the BHS ceremonies. The total number of tickets provided to each graduate will be based on the Covid risk level for Jefferson County as of June 2nd (the last time the county is assessed prior to graduation).

MHS has 137 graduates this year. This means that a best-case scenario for tickets (meaning that the county is in low risk on June 2nd) will provide 6 tickets per MHS graduate. The worst-case scenario for tickets (meaning that the county is in high risk on June 2nd) will provide 2 tickets per MHS graduate.

Bridges High School has 51 graduates this year. This means that a best-case scenario for tickets (meaning that the county is in low risk on June 2nd) will provide 16 tickets per Bridges graduate. The worst-case scenario for tickets (meaning that the county is in high risk June 2nd) will provide 4 tickets per Bridges graduate.

Tickets will be handed out to during the senior awards ceremony on June 3rd. Their tickets will be graduates in an envelope with their names on them. Tickets for the MHS and Bridges ceremonies will be color-coded differently to identify guests that should be participating in each ceremony. “Graduation is such an important event for our graduates and their families,” said Brian Crook, MHS Principal. “We will do everything we can to support our graduates while keeping them safe and healthy during Covid.”

Both the MHS and Bridges ceremonies will be live streamed and recorded for all family and friends to enjoy the occasion.

Graduation Practice, June 4th
MHS graduates need to arrive at MHS on Friday, June 4th at 7:30 a.m. for graduation practice (breakfast will be provided). Following practice, a joint MHS and Bridges HS BBQ will take place at approximately 11:30 a.m. at the football stadium. Once the BBQ ends, the Bridges HS graduation practice will begin. Graduation practice day events are for the graduates and staff only.

Senior Awards Ceremony, June 3rd
The Senior Awards Ceremony is scheduled for MHS students (the time TBD), and is a mandatory event to walk at graduation. During the day, students will take a bus to both the elementary and middle schools where they will be welcomed by the younger district students as they participate in the “walk the halls” event.

Senior Graduation Celebration, June 1st
The senior parent group has organized this year’s senior graduation celebration, scheduled for June 1st at the Washington Family Ranch. Graduates will be transported by bus to and from the MHS parking lot (because of Covid restrictions, you will not be able to transport independently; you must be on the bus). All events at the ranch, food, prizes, etc. are free of charge for all graduates, sponsored by the senior parent group. This event is open to both MHS and Bridges graduates. Please be sure to have your graduates use this link to RSVP for this event no later than Monday, May 24th:

RSVP for Senior Graduation Celebration

All Covid guidelines will be followed during the celebration (social distancing, masks, etc.)
Participants will also be required to sign waivers in advance (if under the age of 18, waivers will need to be signed by legal guardian). Also, bag checks will be conducted prior to leaving the school.

Cap & Gown Pickup, May 4th

It’s time to pick up your senior graduate orders, including your cap and gown. Jostens is having a drive through delivery event on Tuesday, May 4th from 1 to 3 p.m. at MHS. Be sure to pick up your order. All orders must be paid in full. If you have any questions about your order, please contact Jostens at 503-255-7120.

Other Dates
Additional in-house events and timelines for May and June will be published shortly!

Background on MHS Ceremony Decision

Staff initially surveyed both senior graduates and their parents asking which they would prefer to see – a more traditional graduation ceremony in the football stadium that requires tickets managing the number of family members that could attend, or if they’d prefer a drive through ceremony similar to last year’s ceremony (staff acknowledged that a drive through ceremony could include two vehicles and trailers since staff better understands the route and logistics since having done it last year). Families very clearly communicated that they’d prefer to have a more traditional
ceremony outdoors at the stadium, even if that meant tickets.

Then the county’s Covid risk level started to fluctuate, and staff felt it best to survey senior families once more to be certain that they understood what ticket numbers might look like in the event Jefferson County’s risk level changes at the last minute, and what that meant for graduation.

“Our goal is to provide as many tickets as possible to each graduate, knowing that the actual number of tickets will depend on the Covid risk level we are in as graduation gets closer,” said Crook. MHS can maximize the number of tickets given to each graduate by breaking the MHS graduates into two ceremonies: A-L and M-Z. This would mean two completely separate graduation ceremonies on the same day. (This is in addition to and separate from the Bridges ceremony plans.)

This time we surveyed senior families and asked which was most important to them: is it to maximize tickets for your family and only see half of the graduating class walk across the stage (which would mean 2 ceremonies), or is it more important to have fewer tickets per graduate if that means seeing everyone in the same ceremony (1 ceremony).

The survey results were clear (63.2% support for 1 ceremony vs. 36.8% support for 2 ceremonies) – the majority of graduates and parents alike were not willing to give up watching the entire graduating class walk across the stage, even if it meant more tickets for their own families.