April 29th, 2020

Dear JCMS families,

The JCMS staff is thinking of you during these challenging times. We hope that you and your family are staying safe and healthy. The current school closure and switch to distance learning has been an adjustment for all of us. During this time of social distancing we want to ensure that each of our middle school students continue to have access to their teachers, high-quality curriculum and assignments. I thank you for your patience and grace as we strive to support your child.

We have some information to share with you:

1.  All school work will be graded. Your child will receive a Pass or Incomplete based on the work returned. We ask that you return all assignments that have been created for you either through the printed paper packets or through google classroom. You may even get creative and send a picture using a cell phone, email or even leave a message for your teacher on their school phone.

2.  Paper packets are available in several places:

  • District office Tues, Wed and Thurs from 9am – 3pm
  • All mealsites on Tues and Thurs (see schedule for detailed times and places)
  • JCMS 24hrs access. We have a filing cabinet outside our front door that has packets for you to pick up at any time day or night. You may also return materials here as well. This is not a secure site but we do have a security camera in the front of the school

3.  Lockers clean out and return items (pick up science fair, consumables, birdhouses, etc. or drop off athletic uniforms, library books, etc.) Dates and times by grade level following social distancing guidelines:

  • May 4-6th grade from 10:30-12
  • May 5-6th grade from 10:30-12
  • May 6-7th grade from 10:30-12
  • May 7-8th grade from 10:30-12
  • If you have children at multiple grade levels you may choose a time that works for you. If you can not make this time then email Becky Blann at rblann@509j.net to help coordinate a time in the future.

4.  Meal sites
5.  Distance learning materials

We understand that distance learning will look a little different in each home. During this time, communication with your child’s teachers and the school is imperative as we are all navigating these uncharted waters together.

Thank you,

Simon White

Simon White

Simon White

JCMS Principal