By 509J Communications

The Jefferson County School District began work to replace the roof of the Bridges High School campus.

The West Side building was built in 1938 and although structurally sound, the aging roof has caused hurdles for full utilization of the building. The roof currently has leaks in several classroom spaces as well as in the gymnasium, causing portions of the building to be unoccupied during heavy snowfall or rain. 

In addition, the passage of the district’s November 2021 bond measure allows for the replacement of the gymnasium floor and the addition of six early learning classrooms. These projects cannot be completed until the roof is fully replaced and leaking has been addressed throughout the building. 

The 509J board authorized the use of general fund dollars to fund the replacement of the roof. The district prioritized this project in an effort to ensure that voter approved projects such as the gymnasium floor and additional classrooms could be supported. 

The work should achieve completion by Fall 2022 just as students return for the year. 

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