Greetings Current and Future White Buffalos! 

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Madras High School and to our Academic Planning Guide. Everything that we do here at Madras is to prepare you for what you want to accomplish in college and career. It is very important that you use the information within this booklet as a guide first and foremost for high school graduation, while also keeping in mind your future aspirations. The variety of courses described in this booklet allows you to plan and individualize your four-year program. Use this guide carefully as you prepare for the upcoming school year and beyond. 

Madras is a great place! We have multiple cultures and languages represented in our school. We are very proud of the variety of academic offerings, but we are also proud of our athletics, activities, and clubs that we offer you. We want you to get involved! Not only will your involvement in activities outside the classroom enhance your high school experience, but this involvement will further connect you to our Madras community. 

This guide will help you in creating an effective roadmap towards graduation, so plan accordingly. Understand that a roadmap is only a step, and ultimately it will be your responsibility to work very hard, which will determine your success. Challenge yourself, take risks, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes for this is how we grow! 

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