The purpose of this communication is to provide an update to our athletic community on Madras High School Athletics. We recognize how important athletics are to our students, families and community at large and will continue to provide equitable opportunities for our students within established regulations which we all recognize change frequently. Please note that if conditions and regulations change – we will adapt and evolve accordingly.

As a reminder, the following summarizes our athletic programming for this school year (click here for previous detailed communication):


Season 1A:  August 31 – December 27 – Training & Conditioning (potential scrimmages & contests TBD)

Season 2B:  December 28 – March 6 – Winter Sports

Season 3C:  February 22 – May 1 / 9 – Fall Sports

Season 4D:  April 9 – June 26 – Spring Sports

We have not ruled out the possibility of engaging in scrimmages or interscholastic competitions. We intend to collaborate with our coaches in making these decisions.

We invite you to review a full list of OSAA frequently asked questions by clicking here.

If you are interested in more detailed information we’ve included links to other OSAA communications at left for your quick reference.