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Principal:  Brian Crook

Assistant Principal:  Mark Stewart

January 11, 2021
MHS families,
We understand that this year has been unconventional and challenging for most. While these challenges have been felt individually, we hope to reunite the MHS White Buffalo family. We are excited to welcome our freshmen class to our school for the first time this year, and to celebrate our senior class for all that they’ve accomplished and overcome.

When we return to school in February, things still won’t look like they used to, but your MHS staff are committed to making the remainder of the school year feel as welcoming, supportive, and normal as possible.

While we don’t yet have all the answers, we wanted to communicate with our families what we do know thus far:

• MHS students, grades 9-12, will return to in-person learning the week of February 1st;
• MHS students have two options for learning beginning 3rd Quarter – either in-person or CASA (comprehensive distant learning will no longer be an option);
• The deadline for parents to determine whether their student(s) will attend 3rd Quarter in-person or CASA is Friday, January 15th – to change your student’s learning option, you’ll need to contact the District Office at 541-475-6192;
• Students will return in cohorts. Instead of students moving between periods, teachers will be moving between classrooms to teach; this will greatly reduce exposure between cohorts and keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible;
• The remainder of school year 20-21 will be in quarters (rather than semesters); and
• The 3rd Quarter schedule will remain the same 4-period schedule that exists for 2nd Quarter.

Additional Q&A for families:
Q: Can students make changes to their 3rd Quarter schedule?
A: No, our MHS counselors did the best they could to ensure the best possible student schedules as we transition back into the building. With that in mind, quarter 3 schedules were created using metrics and formulas that were required by the state to meet health protocols.
Q: Can students change to CASA if they don’t like being in-person?
A: No, not after the quarter has started; changes can only be made between quarters.
Q: Will students need to bring their Chromebook to class with them to class?
A: Yes, students need to bring their Chromebooks with them daily, along with their chargers. Please make sure the battery is charged and ready to go.
Q: Do students need to bring any other supplies with them daily to class?
A: Yes, students need to bring their school-provided materials that were handed out during first quarter. If your student did not pick one up, they can still get them during school hours when we return to school.
Q: When we return to school, will clubs return?
A: Clubs are able to continue meeting in their virtual format; it will be a case-by-case basis for clubs/activities to begin meeting in-person.
A: What about sports? If students return, does that mean sports will return also?
No; The school’s ability to bring student’s back in-person is separate from the OSAA’s rules and regulations pertaining to sports. Visit to review current OSAA guidelines for high school sports during Covid-19.
Q: How/when will students get materials for 3rd quarter?
A: Materials for 3rd quarter will be distributed by their teachers when they return to school.
Q: Do students need parking passes this year?
A: No, parking passes will not be issued; parking is first-come, first-serve in the back-parking lot only.
Q: Are lockers going to be assigned?
A: No, lockers will not be issued this quarter.
Q: For questions about students’ schedules, who do we contact at MHS?
A: Students with last names A-L contact Counselor, Jess Swagger at
Students with last names M-Z contact Counselor, Stacey Bruce at
Q: For questions about MHS COVID-19 protocols, sanitation, and/or safety who do we contact?
A: Contact the district nurse, Kris Hohulin at
Q: For questions about Powerschool, who do we contact at MHS?
A: Contact the Registrar, Cassie Piercy at
Q: For questions about athletics, who do we contact at MHS?
A: Contact Mark Stewart at or Athletic Secretary, Zuleyma Canales at

As soon as your MHS admin has more information about our in-person return, our families will be notified.
Please remember that in addition to our teaching staff, our administrative support teams and counselors are here to assist and support our students in any way we can. Please reach out to us if there’s anything we can do to keep our students feeling optimistic, hopeful and encouraged – that’s what we’re here for! We couldn’t be happier to welcome you back to in-person learning in the coming weeks!
Remember, there are those that say that the White Buffalo is a sign of hope and an indication of good times to come