Introducing Madras High School’s September Athletes of the Month!

We are thrilled to kick off the 23-24 school year with a brand new initiative, MHS Athlete of the Month! These exceptional athletes from cross country, boys and girls soccer, football, volleyball, and cheerleading have shown outstanding dedication and sportsmanship on and off the field.

Each coach took the time to write down summaries on why these individuals truly stand out. Let’s give a roaring cheer for these September stars!

Football: Tyler Clarkson has been a phenomenal player leader for the football team this year. He was moved from WR to QB for his senior year and has taken on that move with a great attitude.

His positive attitude and ability to play with poise helps our team play to the best of their ability each week. Tyler competes at the highest level the entire game which shows his desire to play with competitive excellence no matter the situation.

This season through 5 games, Tyler has thrown for 307 yds and 1 TD. Tyler has rushed for 172 yards and 3 TDs as well. Defensively, Tyler is a tremendous tackler. Through 5 games, he has 25 total tackles and 1 forced fumble.

Cross Country: This athlete never misses practice. Emily is always on top of her grades. I have yet to see her give up in a practice or a competition.

She just recently took 2nd in the Sweet Home Chapel Race. Emily displays a champion mentality and championship ethics. She deserves this award.

Girls Soccer: Heidi is the captain of our soccer team. She has shown great leadership skills in keeping her teammates engaged. She’s always striving to make the team better.

She sets up drills, communicates with coaches, and takes notes on film to try and better the team. She is dependable and you can always count on her to give 100%.

Boys Soccer: Through 8 games, Steve has scored 9 goals so far, and a bunch of assists. He is an integral part of our offense, and a team captain. His leadership and performance helps make the team more successful.

Volleyball: KayDee has demonstrated exemplary team leadership, advanced knowledge of the sport and a desire to stay competitive no matter the situation.

Cheerleading: Kilynn has shown outstanding character. She is a leader and is always the first one to offer her teammates help. Kilynn is kind to all and is always up for learning something new.

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