Jefferson County Middle School

Phone:  541-475-7253

1180 SE Kemper Way
Madras, OR  97741

Simon White, Principal
Brent Walsh, Assistant Principal


November 9, 2020

JCMS Families,

JCMS is excited to plan for in-person learning onsite, beginning on Monday, November 30. All previously scheduled limited in-person (LIPI) has been canceled. We will remain in CDL until November 20. We look forward to safely educating your child in person under the guidance ODE has provided. Due to the Governor’s strict measures, the school day will look different. The following is our schedule for the 1st week back:    

  • November 30-6th grade only
  • December 1-6th grade only
  • December 2-6th and 7th grades
  • December 3-All grades
  • December 4-All grades   

Students must bring all school supplies, textbooks, materials, and Chromebooks with the charger. 


Monday- Friday (meals and breaks will be blended into class time)

1st period

  •  Breakfast in the classroom

2nd period

  • 1st lunch 10:25-10:45

3rd period 

  • 2nd  lunch 11:30-11:50
  • 3rd  lunch 11:55-12:15

4th period

  • 4th lunch 1:00-1:20
  • 5th lunch 1:25-1:45


Transportation: Bus route information will be communicated the week of November 16th-20th. 

JCMS doors will open promptly at 7:40 am. Students will enter the building through a designated area and go straight to their 1st-period class. Students getting dropped off will need to wait in their car until a staff member opens the school doors. Walkers will need to time their walks to school to arrive no earlier than 7:40.   

Students walking or getting dropped off

  • Doors will open at 7:40 am (please time your walk or drop off accordingly)
  • Enter through the front main entrance
  • Students will be greeted and sent to their 1st-period class

Students arriving using district buses

  • Students will be greeted and sent to a designated entrance
  • Once in the building students will head straight to their 1st-period classroom   

Safety and Cohorts: Students must wear a mask at all times. Masks will be made available at school. All students and staff will follow social distancing guidelines and frequently wash hands. Hand sanitizer will be provided throughout the school. You are encouraged to bring your water bottle. Due to cohort size restrictions, your students will be limited to interacting with no more than 100 others in the day. These safety and cohort mandates are required by the Governor.  

Students and staff safety

  • Masks are worn at all times 
  • Follow social distancing and safety protocols
  • Bring your  water bottle

Students participating in after school activities: We are offering basketball starting 11/16. Please look at specifics on the JCMS page and Facebook. Students who attend school will need to return home and then come back to practice at 3:30 pm. Students will not be allowed to wait at the school until practice starts. All the above-stated safety procedures will be in place for activities.

We appreciate your patience and flexibility. We look forward to getting all students in the building and working with them in-person. As the metrics change, we will adjust to meet all important safety requirements to ensure the health and safety of all students, staff and community members.  

Simon White, Principal