The Jefferson County School District Board of Directors is in search of a Student Representative.  This is a great opportunity for MHS Students to be involved, to learn, and to encourage others!

Student Representatives…

1.  Adhere to all the rules and regulations pertaining to Board members

2.  Attend all regular Board meetings (Board Calendar). Since regular Board meetings occur during the evening hours of a school night, the Board of Directors may grant permission for the student representative to leave a meeting after the conclusion of the student representative agenda item.  Regular Board meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at 7 pm (unless noted otherwise).
3. Dress appropriately for Board meetings.
4. Attend special meetings or study sessions if requested, excluding Executive Sessions.
5. Review the Board of Directors Board packet and reading materials prior to all regular meetings. Prior to the meeting communicate to the Board Chair questions and comments on agenda to assure adequate meeting preparation and professionalism.
6. Participate in discussion at regular, open meetings of the Board when applicable. However, the student representative may not make any motions or vote.
7. Provide reports to the Board during the agenda item titled “Student Representative Report.” The reports will include student activities updates.
8. Report Board deliberations and actions to Madras High School Student Council as applicable.
9. Orient a new student representative for the following school year.

Complete an application TODAY!

Forward the completed application to the

Board Secretary Tessa Bailey at: