About Our Board

Board Chair: Courtney Snead

Board Vice Chair: Jacob Struck

Board Director: Laurie Danzuka

Board Director: Kevin Richards

Board Director: Regina Mitchell

Our five-member School Board meets at 7:00pm in the Board Conference Room at the District Office (Support Services Building) located at 445 S. E. Buff Street in Madras on the second Monday of every month (unless noted otherwise). Please refer to the board calendar for additional days the board may meet, location changes and/or any cancellations. Meeting agendas are posted 24 hours prior to each meeting and corresponding minutes are posted after board approval (typically following the monthly meeting).

 Board Goals

Each board member will be able to articulate the “Who Are We” elements or themes with 2-3 talking points supporting each. (All 3 elements/themes)

The board will ensure that sufficient time and resources, including budgeted funds and board workshops as needed, are allocated for ongoing professional development needs related to best practices in PLCs, instructional strategies such as those included in AVID, and other professional development needs. (Students Flourish Here)

The board will work to improve and broaden communication with the larger community by supporting and attending family engagement activities as well as supporting communication strategies and tools to build relationships and trust between the school district and the communities we serve.  (We Care For Each Other)

The board will actively participate in its own professional development by engaging in training activities. (Better Every Day)

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