Student Services Staff

Director of Student Services

Kira Fee


Student Services Executive Assistant

Shanee Rummel



Behavior Interventionist

Todd Eckhart


Teaching & Learning Specialist/TAG 

Crystal Walker


McKinney-Vento Homeless Liaison

Ignacio Torres


FAN Advocates

Ana Vargas


Nancy Ruiz


Jodi Begay


Student Services Overview

We’re committed to meet the changing needs of students by working with families and our community.  We embrace the individual differences of our students and strive to help each student achieve academic and social success by listening, providing support and creating solutions.  Our services​ are available at each school in our district to serve students who have been identified as eligible for special education services. Students identified as eligible for special education services must meet the following two requirements:

  • Federal and state eligibility requirements as having a disability in at least one of 11 handicapping condition categories
  • Need specially designed instruction

Transition services (ages 16 – 21) are available to special education students who graduate with a Modified Diploma, Extended Diploma, or Alternative Certificate. 


Service Framework

Section 504
Section 504 is designed for students who have a physical or mental impairment who require accommodations within the general education classroom.
English Language Development
  • All English Learners will have an English Language Development specialist as a case manager, regardless of instructional model.
  • Services will be provided through co-teaching, virtual class/small group/individual instruction in collaboration with classroom teachers. 
  •  If a parent elects to enroll in 509J Online Learning program, English Language Development support will be provided for identified students.
  • TAG plans will be maintained, and classroom teachers will differentiate to meet the needs of students.
  • District testing and identification for TAG support will be available.
Intervention/Title I
  • Title I-A Supplemental Services will be available, through mostly teacher-facilitated instruction specific to the student skill and need.
  • Counseling services will be provided across all grade levels to support social emotional learning and behavioral health.
  • At the high school level, counselors will continue to support students planning towards meeting graduation requirements and transitioning to higher education.
Special Education
  • All students with IEPs will have a special education teacher or speech language pathologist as a case manager, regardless of instructional model.
  • All IEP services and placement determinations will automatically revert back to the original document/IEP. 
  • The special education referral process will resume at the school building level.
    • Teams are encouraged to focus first on best instruction, identifying student strengths, and providing support based on team reviews of data regardless of student identifiers.
    • Referral for evaluation may need to be considered for students with disability or suspected disability who are unable to comply with health and safety measures or adapt to a new learning platform.
  • Students who have pending referrals will be reviewed to make sure the team has the appropriate data to move forward.
  • All timelines are in effect, including initial assessment, annual review, and three-year eligibility assessment/review.
  • Specially designed instruction must be teacher-facilitated.
    • Accommodations/modifications will be available to students in all instructional models.
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