Our Communications Plan

Jefferson County School District 509J is committed to providing timely, accurate and clear communication to all stakeholders. We seek to provide resources and materials to ensure families, students, staff, partners, media, citizens, and other members of the community are kept informed about our key priorities, successes, and challenges.

The Communications department works with schools and departments to ensure that everyone is informed and up to date on student’s, staff’s, and faculty’s experience in 509J schools.

We aim to ensure families, students, staff, and the community that students flourish here, we care for each other, and we get better every day.

We aim to celebrate the successes that happen every day in our buildings. If you wish to share an idea with us, please reach out at

We communicate through multiple channels including social media networks and our direct communication tool, Blackboard. In order to receive important updates from the district, please ensure your contact information is up to date by checking with your children’s school.

Joseph Prechtl

Joseph Prechtl

Communications Coordinator

(541) 475-6192 Ext. 2225

All media requests are directed through the Communications Department. Please contact our Communications Coordinator at or call the number above.

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District News

7th Annual Holiday Gala Returns to the PAC

7th Annual Holiday Gala Returns to the PAC

Please join us as our annual Holiday Gala returns (after a two-year hiatus). Featuring local and regional performers, and tickets are still only $5!!! Tickets are available at: PAC Box OfficeMadras – Jeff Co Chamber of CommerceDance Arts Unlimited Studio Will be...

509J Set to Begin MHS Soccer Complex Enhancements in 2023

509J Set to Begin MHS Soccer Complex Enhancements in 2023

The Jefferson County School District will begin a series of enhancements to the Madras High School Soccer Complex in early 2023.  “There is a huge need for upgraded locker rooms and bathrooms,”  Boys Varsity Soccer Coach Clark Jones said.  Right now, there are only...

JCSD 509J using ParentSquare for School to Home Communication

JCSD 509J using ParentSquare for School to Home Communication

We are excited to announce that we adopted a new form of school-to-home communication at Jefferson County School District 509J called ParentSquare. This unified communications platform is designed to keep parents and guardians informed and encourage greater engagement...

Jefferson County School District 509J uses Blackboard Connect, a telephone notification/messaging service, to communicate with families and district employees.  This system allows us to personally contact our families about emergencies, events, and other important issues that impact you and your child throughout the school year.

We use Blackboard Connect to send a personalized voice message to your home, work, or cell phone. For example, schools can make one phone call and reach all of the parents, employees, or a combination of both within minutes. The service also offers email and text message capability.

To make sure you are informed, be sure to supply accurate contact information to your child’s school:

  • All Contact Numbers (Home, Cell, Work)
  • Email Address
  • Home Address

Blackboard Connect will detect answering services and leave a message after the beep. Outreach messages typically go to the home phone number. Emergency messages go to numbers supplied by you.

Changes to Contact Information

Parents are responsible for making sure accurate contact information is on file at their child’s school. Changes include name, address, emergency numbers for home, work, cell phone and email address(es). If the information is not accurate, you may not receive messages sent via Blackboard Connect.

The information must be on file at your child’s school in order for schools and our district to send important messages to you via Blackboard Connect. Once information is changed, it usually takes up to 24 hours to update in the Blackboard Connect system.

Examples of Messages You May Receive:

Emergencies Outreach Attendance
  • Crisis/Safety
  • School Closings
  • Cancellations
  • Bus Delays
  • Open House
  • Test Schedules
  • School Events
  • Notification of Student Absence

Attendance messages are sent during these times to inform you of your child’s absence and for safety concerns. Parents should verify absences by contacting their child’s school. Please note, parents will still get an attendance notification message even if you have notified the school that your child will be out for a particular day or week. This is verification of school attendance records and notification to parents.

FAQ’s regarding SMS Text Messaging:  

  • Question: What happens if I provide a phone number to receive text messages?
    Answer:  We will input your text-enabled (SMS) phone number into the system, and our calling service will
    automatically send a text message to your mobile phone to confirm your request.


  • Question: From what number will these text messages originate?
    Answer:  All confirmation text messages and subsequent alerts will come from 23177 or 63079. Please save
    this number and program it as your school so you can quickly recognize this number as the official
    source of our messages.


  • Question:  What will the confirmation message say?
    Answer:  The confirmation message will read the following:
    You are confirmed to receive alerts from us. More info text reply “HELP” or “STOP 509J”
    to opt out. Msg & data rates may apply


  • Question:  How do I opt-out to receive text messages from our calling service?
    Answer:  When you receive the confirmation, please text reply back with “STOP 509J” The confirmation
    message will read the following:
    You are now confirmed to stop receiving messages from us.

  • Question:  I did not receive a confirmation message. What happened?
    Answer:  Check with your provider to see if text messaging has been enabled since you will need to be subscribed
    to a text messaging plan in order to receive or reply to text messages. You should also ask your mobile
    phone provider if your device accepts premium text messages.


  • Question:  I did not receive a confirmation message because my phone wasn’t text enabled. I have since contacted
    my mobile phone provider to enable it. Do I need another confirmation message sent?
    Answer:  No. If your SMS phone was already submitted to our database, you should be confirmed to receive text
    alerts.  However, you can check if you are opted-in by texting the word “SUBSCRIBE 509J” to 23177 or
    63079 and you will receive the following reply:
    This phone number has already been opted in. More info text reply “HELP” or “STOP 509J” to opt out

  • Question:  What if I opted-out but later decide I would like to opt-in again?
    Answer:  To re-subscribe to SMS texts, recipients can text the words “SUBSCRIBE 509J” to either of our short codes at
    • 23177 or 63079 or 82932 to receive emergency texts.
    • 53291 to receive non-emergency announcements and closure notificationsIf the recipient wants to receive both emergency and non emergency, send the text twice, once to each of the short codes


  • Question:  If I change mobile phone providers but keep the same number, do I need to opt-in again?
    Answer:  No. Once your phone number has been opted-in, it stays registered within the system.

Jefferson County School District and our schools utilize the following social media platforms:

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