509J Continuous Improvement Plan

District Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP)

  • Implement Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) in all schools.

A. Provide protected time weekly for collaborative teams of teachers to meet in PLCs.

B. Ensure that every teacher/teacher team develops and implements common unit plans (aligned to state learning standards), utilizing common unit assessments.

C. Develop leadership capacity in School Learning Coordinators and PLC Facilitators to assist the principal in implementing highly effective PLCs in each school.

  • Implement Job-Embedded Professional Learning in all schools, focused on developing capacity in every teacher to deliver research-based instructional strategies, participate effectively in a Professional Learning Community, and differentiate instruction to meet the learning needs of individual and groups of students.
  •  Engage Family Members as partners in improving student learning.

A. Provide monthly “Family Engagement” events in order to build relationships and partnerships between school staff, students, and family members.

B. Provide opportunities for family members to receive information about what students are asked to learn, student progress on learning standards, and supports and extensions provided to students.

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