Welcome to Big Muddy School!

School Hours:  Mondays, 9:15 am  – 2:55 pm

Main Office Line:  541.475.3520   

What’s Happening at our School

Bus Routes for 21-22 School Year

Find your bus route by clicking on the image to either view or download. We will be continuing our late start on Mondays, so that means every stop is 90 minutes later on Mondays. Encuentre su ruta de autobús haciendo clic en la imagen para verla o descargarla....

School Start and End Times Set for 21-22 School Year

School Start/End times are listed on the image for the Jefferson County School District for the 21-22 school year. 

Bend Bulletin Article

Check out the 4/16/19 article from the Bend Bulletin about our school!   Big Muddy is small. It has two teachers. It has a principal, but she works in Madras.

Principal’s Message:

Principal Melinda Boyle

Welcome to Big Muddy School!

The Big Muddy School proudly serves students in grades K-8 living on the Big Muddy Ranch located 51 miles NE of Madras