School Hours:
Monday Late Start, 10:15am-3:55pm

Doors Open at 10:05am

Tuesday- Friday,  8:45am-3:55pm

Doors Open at 8:35am

Drop Off Locations:

K-2 at the NE side of School, Tenino entrance entry circle for parents in the new parking lot

3-4-5th  Circle thru parking lot and drop off East side of office

6-7-8th Circle thru parking lot and drop off west side of office

Office Hours:
7:30 am – 4:30 pm

Main Office Line: 

Fax Line: 

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Our proud students will have a strong cultural identity
and take responsibility for their own learning.
We commit to creating an inviting, rigorous,
and engaging learning environment with high expectations
so our students will be equipped for college/career readiness.
100%  ALL IN!!!

100% All In!

  • We believe our students should feel a sense of pride in themselves, their community and school.
  • We believe that the whole child is important
  • We believe that all children should be loved
  • We believe that pride, compassion, culture and diversity build community
  • We believe that learning is lifelong and should be nurtured.