For the month of February, JCSD 509J is spotlighting Beverly Gallimore for the work she does every day as the Head Cook at Warm Springs K8 Academy. She has worked for the school district for 18 years. Gallimore has worked in each one of our schools and is an alum of Madras High School!

She became the Head Cook at Warm Springs K8 Academy when the school first opened its doors in 2014. Cooking has been a big part of her life and she takes a lot of pride in the meals she serves her students.

“When I can get one of them to try something for the first time and I get a smile, I know I’ve done my job,” Gallimore said. “I was always told to cook from your heart. You know I don’t serve anything I won’t eat. You want to make sure it counts and that’s what drives me. I do it for the kids.”

Watch the video to learn more about her and her role at Warm Springs K8 Academy!

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