JCSD 509J is spotlighting Sara Kollen who is a 3rd grade teacher at Warm Springs K-8 Academy for the work she does every day in her role.

Sara is in her 31st year with JCSD 509J! All of her years as a teacher have been with our district and in Warm Springs.

“I love teaching in Warm Springs. It’s a very, very special place,” she said. “The students and families and community are just a part of my heart and I feel so blessed that I’ve had an opportunity to teach here I’m very thankful that my children have had an opportunity to be educated here. The teachers and other educators I’ve had a chance to work with are amazing. It’s just been an honor to be a teacher in Warm Springs.”

Throughout her time in Warm Springs, Sara has been a 3rd grade and 4th grade teacher. She also spent some time as an instructional coach, but her heart is in 3rd grade.

“I love third grade; third grade is when they start learning so much. I mean, they’re no longer really learning to read. They are reading to learn and they are learning so many new concepts in math. They start expanding on their writing. They just grow so much yet they’re still young and they’re excited and they are fun to work with.”

Below is her nomination for Employee Spotlight:

“Sara is in her 31st year of teaching in Warm Springs. She has dedicated her adulthood to caring for, teaching, advocating, and building relationships with her students and their families. She is teaching the children of her previous students and the families and kids are so excited to have the same teacher their parent did! She is a passionate advocate for getting our students what they need to succeed. She does not hesitate to speak up if she sees something that needs to be addressed. She has supported new teachers, had student teachers who have gone on to be hired in the district, and is a great mentor to all. Sara cares and it shows in how she shows up EVERY DAY (seriously, she only missed school to have her babies). Her students and past students know they can come to her for anything and she will do what she can for them or get them pointed in the right direction. Some just swing by for a hug to get their day going or to finish it off. Every year, her goal is to build solid, loving relationships with her students, and help them achieve as much as they can in the time they are with her. Sara is one of my teaching heros! Everyone should have someone they work with who cares as much as she does about the students and the profession.”

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