In the 22-23 school year, JCMS is offering new courses as part of their sixth-grade ‘wheel’ elective classes. This year, each 6th-grade student will have the opportunity to take CTE, STEM, AVID, and Culinary. The students will take each class for nine weeks and then rotate.

The school changed the offerings for the students this school year. One reason was to give the sixth graders new experiences in their classes. Each course was designed to give the students a unique experience, and show them the skills they learn in one class can be applied to another.

The videos below showcase each one of the classrooms and take you inside what a lesson may look like for the students.

CTE Class

Teacher: Sara Vollmer

Culinary Class

Teacher: Donny Enoch

STEM Class

Teacher: Johnny Wilson

AVID Class

Teacher: Deseray Hibberd

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