The JCSD 509J Board of Directors will award a scholarship (or a variety of scholarships) up to the total of $3,000 for graduates of the class of 2024.

Two JCSD 509J Board Members were appointed to the Promise Scholarship Committee to review applications, select the top candidates and award the finalists on behalf of the collective JCSD 509J Board of Directors. A report of the application process and the scholarship winner(s) will be presented at a future board meeting.

Applications are open to JCSD 509J students graduating with the class of 2024.

The board wants to recognize outstanding students who demonstrate integrity, perseverance, dedication and generosity during their high school career.

The application process will take place in March/early April and conclude on the May 10, 2024 deadline. The award(s) will be announced/presented in June at the high school scholarship ceremony or an independent award ceremony depending on the student(s) selected.

It is the winner’s responsibility to notify the JCSD 509J when second semester fees are due.

The scholarship(s) are paid directly to the institution of higher learning at the beginning of the second semester once the official transcripts of the first semester are submitted to the Board Secretary.

When second semester fees are due, if the scholarship winner is not attending the institution of higher learning at that time, the scholarship will be carried over for the following year’s scholarship awards.

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