The MHS Advanced Manufacturing class starting work on the stools in mid February.

Students in Madras High’s advanced manufacturing class are getting started on a new, ambitious project. Over the next couple months, these students will be creating 30 new stools for the manufacturing classroom.

Under the guidance of manufacturing teacher, Jason Van Nice, students worked together to find the right design and sketched out some ideas for how it should look. They are currently in the process of making their prototype stool.

What sets this project apart is the personalized touch that each stool will have. The stool will feature a wooden seat and wooden back. Students will engrave the MHS manufacturing logo on the backrest, alongside the name and graduation year of the student who made the stool. These stools will not only serve a functional purpose for classroom seating that students will enjoy for years, but allows current students to leave a mark on the program.

“This gives students something to be proud to leave behind for future students to see,” Van Nice said. “I think it give those graduates a bit of a legacy to leave behind and allows students to come and enjoy the work for years.”

Beyond the technical welding skills needed for this project, it also emphasizes the importance of teamwork and time management. Students need to collaborate on blueprints, coordinate tasks, and meet deadlines. These skills are all crucial to succeeding in the workplace or trade school beyond high school.

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