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What are transcripts?
Transcripts are an official record of your academic history- grades, enrollment, attendance, etc.
Why do I need a transcript?
Transcripts are needed for:
● Enrolling in other public high schools
● Applying to college
● Applying for scholarship
● Applying for a lower premium on auto insurance
How do I request a transcript?
To request transcripts, CLICK HERE.

For other records requests, please contact:
Autumn Schlechter: Counseling Secretary/Registrar
ASchlechter@509j.net (541) 475-7265 x3 (541) 475-8273 fax

Include the following information:
● Include your full name when you were enrolled as well as any other possible names
used (maiden name, adopted name, married name, hyphenated name, etc.),
● Date of birth
● Year of graduation (if applicable)
● Contact phone number
● Instructions for delivery of your records (mailing, faxing, picking up, uploading, etc.).Assessing, Scoring, and Reporting Guidelines

Online Communication Basics

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Communication Basics

High School Completion

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High School Completion

Post High School Planning

Dual Enrollment in Alternative Ed. Programs

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Dual Enrollment in Alternative Ed. Programs

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