ABOUT 509J Online

509J Online is a tuition-free online K-8 public school and a 9-12 grade online program within the Jefferson County School District. This unique program combines teacher-led instruction, strong parental involvement, Oregon certified teachers, and a flexible online learning environment.  509J Online provides the platform your student needs to learn in an online setting. 



What is 509J Online?

509J Online is a tuition-free online Kindergarten through eighth grade public school and a 9th through 12th grade online program within the Jefferson County School District. This unique program combines teacher-led instruction, strong parental involvement, Oregon certified teachers, and a flexible online learning environment.  509J Online provides the platform your student needs to learn in an online setting. 


What are the benefits of 509J Online?

  • Teacher-led instruction
  • High quality, well rounded, rigorous learning experiences
  • Regular connections with teachers and classmates
  • Focus on student identity, belonging, and well-being
  • Access to social-emotional supports


What is expected of an online student?

Kindergarten through fifth grade students are expected to spend an hour in each subject area (math, language arts, social studies and science) in Connexus for a total of four hours. As well as one hour per day in iReady (30 minutes of math and 30 minutes of reading) for a total of 5 hours of daily instruction.  The daily amount of time 6th through 12th grade students need to be working in Edgenuity will vary depending on how many courses they are enrolled in.  The average range of time is 2-3 hours daily.  


How is attendance tracked for online school?

Attendance is earned daily by logging into Connexus or Edgenuity and submitting finished work. To be counted as present a student needs to log in for at least an hour each day. You have the full 24 hours to log into Connexus or Edgenuity and complete work.  Monday’s attendance is entered on Tuesday, Tuesdays attendance is entered on Wednesday, etc.


Who do I call if my student is sick and/or unable to log in?
You call the 509J Online office at 541-475-8267.


Can my student be transferred after the beginning of the year?

Yes, you may transfer your student after the beginning of the year.  Transfers between schools can happen anytime up until four weeks before the end of the quarter. This is due to grading and ease of transitions. For Quarter One the deadline to switch is 10/7/22.  Deadline for Quarter Two will be 12/16/22. Quarter Three deadline is 3/3/23.  


Will a student’s progress in their current school be counted or honored towards grades upon a transfer?

Student work will be honored in classes upon transfer as teachers are responsible to send updates with the student as they transfer locations. Student learning will pick up at the current progress and pace of the new class.


Do I need my own computer?

Jefferson County School District will supply a chromebook and hotspot if you are in need of one.  They can be checked out at the beginning of the year during a meeting with your teacher.  If you enroll after the beginning of the year, they can be checked out from the 509J Online office.


Will there be any in-person lessons or activities?

There will be limited in-person lessons and activities.  More information will come as opportunities arise.


What platforms does 509J Online use?

Kindergarten through 5th grade use the Pearson Connexus platform.  6th through 12th grade use the Edgenuity platform.


Is 509J Online the same as homeschooling?

509J Online is NOT homeschooling.  It has some similarities as homeschooling, but is a public school program.  509J Online provides the learning platform and Oregon certified teachers.  509J Online must follow and is held accountable for all state laws and regulations that other public schools must follow (such as attendance, PE and state testing).  


Will my student need a lot of adult supervision?

The adult supervision needed will vary by grade.  The younger grades will need a lot more support, supervision and monitoring than the middle and high schoolers.  Parents/guardians play an important role in a student’s success in online education.   It is important for parents/guardian’s to team with 509J Online teachers and staff to ensure the students are logging in and completing work daily.  


What if my student needs additional help?  

Each teacher offers office hours every day as well as intervention times to help students as needed.  Jefferson County Community Learning Center (JCCLC)  offers virtual tutoring in the afternoons, and evenings.  Their phone number is 541-475-0388.  


Will my student receive the same special services (IEP’s, 504’s) as a traditional school? 
Yes, 509J Online will provide students with Individualized Education Programs (IEP’s) or a 504 plan with  virtual and in person special education service options.  This includes curriculum accommodations and modifications.   


Will my student receive English Language Learner (ELL) services?  

Yes, your student will continue in their ELL coursework through 509J online.


Will my student be required to take standardized tests and where?

Yes, all online public schools must complete the standardized tests that are required in our state. We offer on-line and in person options for the state testing.  


How do I know if my high school student is on track to graduate?

509J Online has a counselor that will help monitor and track high school students’ credits.  


When does the school year start and end?
509J Online follows the Jefferson County School District calendar.  


How do I start the enrollment process?

To start the enrollment process, please contact our office at 541-475-8267, or stop by our office at 410 SW 4th Street to pick up an enrollment packet.   


When can I get in touch with my student’s teacher?  

All teachers have office hours that you are able to reach them during.  They are available by phone, email, in person or virtually.   Office hours will be posted in each teacher’s google classroom.  


Will I need to buy my student supplies for next year? 
No, the school district will be supplying all families with basic school supplies for the 22-23 school year.


Are there school textbooks we can use/check out?

Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades have books that Connexus will ship directly to the student.  3rd through 12th grades are strictly online.


Why is PE included in the daily schedule?

Oregon Senate Bill 4 requires that all students receive PE instructional minutes. Kindergarten through 5th grade are required to have 150 minutes per week/30 minutes a day. 6-8th grade students are required 225 minutes a week/45 mins a day. 


Will my student still be able to participate in sports or extracurricular activities?

Yes, 509J Online works closely with the schools to ensure that all students have equal opportunities to participate in sports, extracurricular activities and clubs.


What does a typical day look like for Kindergarten through 5th grade students?  

8:00 – 8:30  Wake up, eat breakfast and get ready for the day.

8:30 – 9:30  Language Arts work in Connexus

9:30 – 10:00  Virtual Google Meet

10:00 – 11:00  Math work in Connexus

11:00 – 11:15  Brain Break/PE

11:15 – 11:45  iReady Reading

11:45 – 12:15  Lunch and brain break

12:15 – 12:45  iReady  Math

12:45 – 1:45  Science work in Connexus

1:45 – 2:00  Brain Break/PE

2:00 – 3:00  Social Studies Work in Connexus

3:00 -3:30 PE Activities

 3:30 Done for the day!  


K-5: I-Ready

6-12: Edgenuity

FERPA Annual Notice for Release of High School Directory Information
Social Networking Agreement

Social Networking Agreement

509J Online respects the rights of its students to use social media. Students who use social media must understand that comments they make on social media can cause disruption to the educational environment. Any comment they make or like that causes a substantial disruption to the school environment can result in school consequences.

Here are some guidelines that everyone should keep in mind when using social media:

• Avoid harassment/threats of violence. Any comment that is meant to demean or intimidate a student is considered harassment. Liking a comment is giving approval to the comment and only serves to encourage the harassment.
• Be aware that privacy settings are not foolproof. Assume that anything you post can be seen by anyone, including future employers, forever. How will inappropriate language/pictures/videos be interpreted by people who don’t know you?
• Don’t post anything confidential, including date of birth, address, phone number, social security number, etc.
• Parents, create a Facebook account and friend your child. That way you can ensure that your child is using social media responsibly.

I understand appropriate social media use and the potential consequences for inappropriate usage.

Student Signature

I reviewed this agreement with my child and will help to ensure that he/she is using social media responsibly.

Parent Signature

Title IX Coordinator

For more info, please click the link 

Title IX

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