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Growth Mindset


Statewide Testing

In 2010, Oregon adopted higher K-12 standards in English Language Arts and Math to ensure all students move from grade to grade with the academic knowledge and skills necessary for success beyond high school. Because we raised the bar for what we expect students to know and be able to do, we have also changed the way we measure student progress through our state tests, known as Smarter Balanced.
Why does participation matter?

While no single test can give a complete picture of your child’s progress, having your child take the statewide tests provides educators and administrators with information about what educational approaches are working and where additional resources are needed. Your child’s participation is important to ensure schools and districts receive the targeted resources they need to help all students succeed.

Description of rights
House Bill 2655 permits parents and adult students to annually optout of Oregon’s statewide summative tests in English Language Arts and Math by submitting an annual form to the school the student attends. Schools will provide parents with the annual form for 2019-20 at least 30 days prior to the start of testing. Visit this link to learn more about House Bill 2655

When will my child take the test?

Your child will be tested once after he or she has completed at least two-thirds of the school year. Your child’s school will determine the specific dates your child takes the tests within the statewide testing window


OPT OUT FORMS:  English   Spanish


FERPA Annual Notice for Release of High School Directory Information
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Social Networking Agreement

Social Networking Agreement

Bridges High School respects the rights of its students to use social media. Students who use social media must understand that comments they make on social media can cause disruption to the educational environment. Any comment they make or like that causes a substantial disruption to the school environment can result in school consequences.

Here are some guidelines that everyone should keep in mind when using social media:

• Avoid harassment/threats of violence. Any comment that is meant to demean or intimidate a student is considered harassment. Liking a comment is giving approval to the comment and only serves to encourage the harassment.
• Be aware that privacy settings are not foolproof. Assume that anything you post can be seen by anyone, including future employers, forever. How will inappropriate language/pictures/videos be interpreted by people who don’t know you?
• Don’t post anything confidential, including date of birth, address, phone number, social security number, etc.
• Parents, create a Facebook account and friend your child. That way you can ensure that your child is using social media responsibly.

I understand appropriate social media use and the potential consequences for inappropriate usage.

Student Signature

I reviewed this agreement with my child and will help to ensure that he/she is using social media responsibly.

Parent Signature

CTE Courses

All Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs in this school district will be open to all students. The District will take steps to ensure that the lack of English language skills will not be a barrier to admission and participation in CTE Programs.

Title IX Coordinator

The Bridges High School Title IX Coordinator is Jason Weeks, Principal, jweeks@509j.net

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